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Viral Video
Zippo Tricks

Zippo Tricks

Become a Zippo master by watching this guy.
8/2/2014 12:48:35 PM
Flash Game
The Light Temple

The Light Temple

Help FireBoy and WaterGirl in this new adventure! Control both characters at the same time to solve platformer puzzles! Direct light beams to the sensors using different kinds of mirrors, activate buttons and levers to move platforms, push boxes and roll balls, collect all the diamonds and get each character to his door!
10/25/2010 12:00:00 AM
Viral Video
News Light Knockout

News Light Knockout

This woman is reading the news when all of a sudden the light from above crashes down on her head.
2/2/2007 12:00:00 AM
Viral Video
Kid Lights His Nose Hairs On Fire Then Cries

Kid Lights His Nose Hairs On Fire Then Cries

These days people will do anything to be on video. This kid uses a lighter to set his nose hairs on fire and then cries because it hurts. Imagine that...lol
6/22/2014 8:33:04 AM
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