Dead Birdie!

Posted: 9/22/2009 12:00:00 AM
A man was tanning on a nude beach when a little girl walked up to him and said, "Whats that?" The man looked at her and replied, "Uh..... thats my birdie."

"Can I pet it?"

She left and after a while the man fell asleep with the sun warm on his body. He woke up in a hospital to see the doctor laughing so hard he couldnt even see straight.

"Doc, what happened?" Asked the very confused man.

The doctor replied, "Ill let her explain. In walks the little girl from before.

"What happened to me and why are you here?"

"Well you fell asleep so I didnt think you would notice me.

Well, I started to pet your birdie and it spit white stuff at me! So I crushed its eggs, broke its neck, and burned its nest."

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