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Automatic tampon remover

A man was on a airplane and had to use the bathroom, but the line to the mens room was too long. So the man asked the stewardess if he can use the womens bathroom. The stewardess responed "Sure, as long as you dont press the four buttons on the wall." the man then said "Thats ok."

After the man was done takin a shit, he got curiuos, and pressed the first button, and somthing wiped his ass. Then he pressed the second button, and something wet his ass. Next he pressed the third button, and something powdered his ass. Finally, he pressed the fourth button, and the man woke up in the hospital. He saw the stewardess and asked "What am I doing here? The stewardess replied "I told you not to press the four buttons on the wall, the fouth button was an automatic tampon remover."
Date9/22/2009 12:00:00 AM
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