Brakes failed

Posted: 9/21/2010 12:00:00 AM
There was an older man that was married to a much younger woman, and he was having trouble lasting long enough in bed. So he went to the doctor and was told he should please himself before having sex and he would last longer. One day as 5 oclock rolls around, he gets a call from his wife who says shes very horny. On his way home, he remembers what the doctor said and decides to jerk it before he gets home. He thinks, "Well, I cant do it in the car, but if I get under it I can pretend Im fixing my car." So he gets under the car, closes his eyes, and starts jerkin it.

A few minutes later, theres a tug at his pants leg. In order to keep the image of his beautiful wife, he doesnt open his eyes, but just hollars, "Yeah?" "Im Officer Brown. What are you doing down there?" "Well, officer, Im checking my axle; I think its come lose." "Well, mister, while youre down there, you might wanna check your brakes; your cars 2 blocks down the road crashed into a tree."


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