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Plaid Dildos

Posted: 7/12/2010 12:00:00 AM
A man is working a a dildo store, when a brunette walks in. She asks him how much for the black dildo? He replies $50 for the black one, $50 for the white one. She leaves without purchasing anything.

A red head walks in and asks him how much for the white dildo? He replies $50 for the white one, $50 for the black one. she doesnt buy anything.

A blonde enters the store and asks him how much for a dildo? He answers $50 for a black one, $50 for a white one. Then she asks how much for the plaid one on the shelf behind him? He says oh thats a very special one, thats $250. She buys it.

At closing, the manager walk in and asks the man how much he sold.

The man said no dildos but I sold your thermos for $250!
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