Falling to her death

Posted: 6/18/2009 12:00:00 AM
A man is sitting in a bar drinking a beer when a young lady walks up and says "So what are you drinking?" The man replies casually "Magic beer" and the lady asks "What kind of magic beer?" "Whats so special about it?!?" says the man. He proceeds to get up and flies around the room 3 times and sits back down. The lady snaps "I bet you couldnt do that again even if your life depended on it!" So he gets up and flies around the room 3 more times. The lady says "Ill have what hes having!" She chugs it down and goes to the roof and jumps - falling to her death. The bartender looks at the man sitting at the bar and says "Superman, youre a jerk when your drunk."

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