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Your turn in the barrel

A guy goes on to a ship to sail (and work) but he notices no women on board so he runs to the captian

Guy: Capt. Capt.! Theres no women on board what will be do for pleasure???

Capt.:Ohh... dont worry me laddie just stick ur dick in that barrel and everything will be alright

So after a few weeks at sea the guy sticks his dick in the barrel and gets a wonderful sensation.So he does this every day after that until one day he sticks his dick in the barrel and nothing happens
So he runs to the captain and says

Guy: Capt. Capt.! I stuck my dick in the barrel and nothing happened!

Capt.:Ohhh right... I forgot to tell you laddie its your turn in the barrel!
Date1/18/2010 12:00:00 AM
Tags:  filthy  rotten  barrel 
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