Alter boy confession

Posted: 4/1/2009 12:00:00 AM
A priest had to go pee but had to stay and listen to confessions, when a janitor passed by the priest said "Hey could you sit in here and listen to confessions while I go the restroom?"

The Janitor replied " Well I dont even know what to do."

"Just give them a few hail marys and send them on their way" said the priest

So the janitor agrees and the priest leaves. At that moment a nun comes in and says "Forgive me father but I have committed a horrible sin... I performed oral sex on a man yesterday."

The Janitor was in shock and knew this was more serious than just a few hail marys. So he opened the door to see an alter boy walking by and asks "Hey kid what does the priest give for a blow job?"

The alter boy states in a normal voice "Usually 2 snickers and a coke"

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