The Name Game

Posted: 4/1/2009 12:00:00 AM
A new primary school teacher starts her first day of class. She begins by asking students to stand and introduce themselves

The first child stands and says, "My name is Jane Johnson."

"Thank you, Jane", says the teacher.

The second student says, "My name is Stuart Smith."

"Thank you, Stuart."

The third student says, "My name is Jason Fuckhour."

The teacher is horrified, and tells Jason that this type of language will not be allowed. He replies, "Honest, my name is Jason Fuckhour. If you dont believe me, check up in the fifth grade where my brother is."

So the teacher walks up to the fifth grade class, and asks, "Do you have a Fuckhour in here?"

One boy stands in the back of the room and says, "Hell, no! We dont even get a nap hour in here!"

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