Get it on!

Posted: 3/19/2009 12:00:00 AM
A guy goes to his doctor. "Doc, Im having trouble in the bedroom. I just cant get into it with my wife any more."

The doctor replies "I used to have that problem and I found a solution. Heres what I do: I get off work. I run down to my car. I drive as fast as I can, swerving and changing lanes. I drive into the garage, slam on the brakes, kick the door in, grab my wife and rip her clothes off. Works every time. You should try it."

The guy says "I will give it a shot" He comes back a week later and the doctor says "Howd it go."

The guy says "It worked! I did just what you told me and I have never been so turned on! By the way, nice house!"

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