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Little Johnny is at it again

Little Johnny is at school his teacher asks the class to play a game. The class agrees and the teacher asks her first question "ok try to guess whats behind my back. Its red round and has a leaf."

Little Johnny replies "its an apple"

The teacher lets Johnny know she likes the way he thinks and moves on to the next question. "Behind my back I have something, its yellow and has white stuff inside."

Little Johnny replies "its a banana"

Johnny asks the teacher if he could try one. The teacher is skeptical but agrees.

Johnny: "its round, hard and has a head"

The teacher is shocked and yells Johnny!!!!! Little Johnny replies "its a quarter,but is sure to tell the teacher he likes the way she thinks.
Date3/10/2009 12:00:00 AM
Tags:  bannana  quarter  apple 
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