The Eye

Posted: 9/8/2005 12:00:00 AM
John and Bill are talking one day and get on the conversation of a local whorehouse, John keeps going on and on about this one hooker there who can whistle while giving a blow job... Bill is quietly disbelieving while his friend keeps extolling the virtues of this specific girl...
A few days later Bill finds himself in the area of that whorehouse and cant help recalling what his friend had told him, and just cant get that off his mind. So he pulls around and goes into the whorehouse.

A few minutes later hes inside talking to the madam of the house. Glad to meet you, we have every type of girl you can want here, just tell me what you like and Ill set it up the madam says.

He explains about the hooker that can whistle while giving a blowjob, and the madam, makes a bit of a face and while shaking her head, points up the stairs Third floor, fourth door on the right she tells him, and up he goes.

After entering the room, he sits down on the bed, a few moments later in walks this fairly attractive woman, they start out talking, and a little bit later shes explaining prices and things to him, when he pops the question about the whistling blowjob.

Oh, that.... all right, fine, thatll be $100

Ok the man replies

And moments later the man is enjoying his blowjob and she begins whistling. The man is just AMAZED He stutters out I, I, I I have GOT to know how you do that

Trust me, you dont want to know

Oh please, Come on, Ill double you price, thats $200 for one blowjob he says

No, trust me, you do NOT want to know

I absolutely have to..... $500 PLEASE

Hrmmm, the money would be nice, but no, I think it would be best if you didnt know... Just trust me on this, you do NOT want to know she explains...

By this point the man absolutely has to know.... Sheesh, Ok $1000 if you tell me how youre doing that

She pauses for a moment (the blowjob has been continuing this whole time) Ok, fine, but dont say I didnt warn you The lady stops what shes doing, walks to the other end of the room, turns on the light, and........ there next to the man lies a glass eye.

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