What Kind Of Penis Do You Have?

Posted: 9/8/2005 12:00:00 AM
The Excedrin Penis: Its tthhhhiiiiiiissss big.
The Snickers Penis: It satisfies you.
The Magnavox Penis: Smart. Very Smart.
The Life Call Penis: Its fallen and it cant get up.
The American Express Penis: Dont leave home without it.
The Tootsie Roll Pop Penis: How many licks DOES it take...?
The M&M Penis: It melts in your mouth, not in your hand.
The Lucky Charms Penis: It's magically delicious.
The Energizer Penis: It keeps going and going and going.
The Right Guard Penis: Anything less is uncivilized.
The Campbell's Soup Penis: Mmm, Mmm good.
The Kix Penis: Kid tested, mother approved.
The McDonalds Penis: Over 8 billion served.
The Tombstone Penis: What would you like on your penis?
The Ragu Penis: Comes out chunkier than the rest.
The Cobain Penis: It blows itself away.
The All State Penis: Youre in good hands.
The 7-Up Penis: The UN-penis.
The Barqs Penis: The one with bite.
The Beef Penis: Its whats for dinner.
The Bud Lite Penis: Great taste, less filling.
The Transformers Penis: Its more than meets the eye.
The Twizzler Penis: It makes mouths happy.
The Sega Penis: PENIS
The Starburst Penis: The juice is loose.
The Timex Penis: Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.
The Burger King Penis: It takes two hands to handle a whopper.
The Flintstones Vitamins Penis: 10 million strong and growing.
The Wendys Penis: Wheres the beef?
The Lays Penis: Betcha cant eat just one.
The Matthew Sweet Penis: 100% fun.
The Little Caesars Penis: Penis Penis
The Mortal Combat Penis: Nothing can prepare you.
The Bounty Penis: The quicker picker-upper.
The Street Fighter II Penis: Matt, stop, youre too good at this.
The Dominos Pizza Penis: delivers in 30 min. or less.
The Monty Python Penis: Isnt it awfully nice to have a penis?
The Monty Python Penis II: Every sperm is sacred....
The Rice Krispies Penis: What does your penis say to you?
The Extra Penis: Lasts an extra, extra, extra long time.
The Charmin Penis: Dont squeeze the penis
The Beatles Penis: Now a quarter smaller than it used to be.
The Oasis Penis: Thinks its the Beatles penis.
The Windows 95Penis: If you ask it to do too much, itll crash.
The Virginia Slims Penis: Youve come a long way, baby.
The Secret Penis: Strong enough for a man, ph balanced for a woman.
The Micro Machines Penis: A whole world, in the palm of your hand.
The Maxwell House Penis: Good to the last drop.
The Payday Penis: Its almost totally nuts
The Yellow Pages Penis: Let your fingers do the walkin.
The Reeses Penis: How do you eat your penis?
The Beavis Penis: Look It's changing color
The Sustecal Penis : More protein, less fat
The Downey Penis: Come on Downey.
The Just For Men Penis: A sure thing for a natural look?
The Milk Penis: It does a body good
The Taco Bell Penis: It runs for the border.
The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Penis: It's the adult thing to do?
The AOL Penis: Its so easy to use, no wonder its #1?
The Pontiac Penis: Built for kicks, Built for Keeps
The Psychic Penis: It knows you are coming before you do.

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