The Farmer and The Poet

Posted: 5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM
A farmer met a poet at the pub and they got talking. The poet was in town to make poems about farm life. The farmer offers to let him stay with him and his daughter so he can get a few ideas of the country life. Three months later the poet leaves town quickly. The farmer is confused but thinks no more of it till a couple of days later his daughter comes and tells him she is pregnant, and that the lovely young poet who stayed with them was the father. The farmer is outraged and wants to beat the hell out of him, but calms down and thinks the best way to get him back here and beat him would be to write a poem to him. So he wrote the following poem.
"I hear there was some pushin from the marks upon the cushions, and the pillows that were turned upside down......but if u marry my daughter venus,i’ll settle this all between us,and u can live happily in this town"
He sends it off to the poet, and when the poet reads it he is extremely outraged.

The farmer received the following poem...

’I admit there was some pushin from the marks upon the cushions,and the pillows that were turned upside down.......but since i met your daughter venis i’ve had trouble with my penis and i wish to god i’d never heard of your fuckin town’!!!

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