I aint no Betty Crocker

Posted: 5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM
Alright theres a married couple and one day the wife aask her husband to change a light bulb he said i ain’t no electrian. later that day she ask him to fix a squeaky door and he said i ain’t no carpenter. that evening she was trying to go the store but the car needed oil so she asked her husband to put some oil in the car and he said i ain’t no mechanic and went to work. after he left a man came by and asked her what was the matter after she tolded him he said well i can fix all of that but u have to do something for me she said what he said u can have sex with me or bake me a pie. so after he left her husband came home and noticed everthing was fixed he asked his wife how everthing got fixed after she told him he asked so which did u do and she said i ain’t know betty crocker.

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