Drink Tequila

Posted: 9/8/2005 2:56:00 PM
A man and his wife enter a bar. They sit down at the bar and order a couple drinks. The wife notices another man staring at her. Her husband then stands up and excuses himself to the bathroom. The man who had been staring at the woman walks over and whispers in her ear.
"I want to lick your nipples, and then I want to squeeze your ass, and finally, I want to fill your pussy up with tequila and drink it out."
Amazed, the woman says nothing. The man walks away. The woman's husband comes back a minute or two later. The woman turns to her husband and says,
"That man over there said he wants to lick my nipples."
Pissed, the man stands up and says, "What else did he say?"
"He also said he wants to squeeze my ass."
"That's it, I'm kicking his ass."
"Wait, he also told me he wants to fill my pussy up with tequila, and drink it all out." After hearing this, the man abruptly sits down.
"What are you doing? Aren't you going to kick his ass?" The woman says to her husband.
He replies with, "What are you crazy?? I'm not fighting a man who can drink that much tequila."

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