The Good Stuff's Gone

Posted: 1/17/2014 1:00:45 PM
A bartender is closing up for the night when he hears a banging on the door. It's a bum, and he reluctantly answers his call. "Yes, can I help you? We're closed." The bum says "Can I get a toothpick?" The bartender gives him a weird look and gives him a toothpick.

He goes on about his business of closing when he hears another knock on the door. It's yet another bum. "What do you want? We're closed!" The bum says, "Hey can I get a toothpick too?" The bartender is annoyed but gives him a toothpick to get him out of there.

He goes back to closing the bar when there is yet another knock on the door. It's another bum. The bartender is ready this time. "I suppose you want a toothpick too, right?" The bum says "Nah, I want a straw." "A straw? Your buddies wanted toothpicks, and now you want a straw? What gives?"

The bum looks him dead in the eye and says "Oh, some drunk girl threw up out here, but all the good stuff is gone already."

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